Cycling Tours

Our cycling tours give you the privilege of ultimate freedom of choice so you can really make your holiday your own.

At Cycling Tours Australia all of our cycling tours are available at various times throughout the year with many iconic destination options at your fingertips. You can choose to freedom cycle (self – guide) as an individual, with your partner or with a group of friends but still have the opportunity to meet and ride with other like-minded cyclists who are following the same route as you and staying at the same accommodations. Choose from Cycling Tours Australia’s current scheduled dates or select your own!

The nature of our cycling tours gives you peace of mind that everything down to the finest detail has been organised for you. Simply turn up, spin your legs, take in the breathtaking scenery and enjoy delicious food and wine.

At Cycling Tours Australia your holiday begins from the moment you step off the plane and transfer to your accommodation. From this point on, the only decision you have to make is where to stop for lunch. If this decision proves to be too difficult, then you can simply refer to the customised map we provide, that details fantastic eateries and other ‘must stop’ locations.

On arrival at your luxury accommodation after a great days ride,  cycling tours Australia will make sure your bags will be waiting. Now it’s time to relax and reminisce on the days riding and indulge. On our cycling tours, your options are endless.

If you have any concerns during your Cycling Tours Australia tour, one of our guides is never far away and always on call to offer assistance.

See Cycling Tours Australia calendar to view group tour dates and start planning your adventure!